Mercu Buana University’s hard work maintains the cleanliness and beauty of the campus environment which is fruitful. The Green Campus predicate embedded in the 2016 Indonesia Green Award (IGA) was successfully defended for the third time.

“UMB academic community should be proud. We have maintained the Green Campus predicate since 2010 until now. Then it must continue to be maintained in the next period, “said the Vice Chancellor for UMB Institutional and Resources, Dr. Purwanto, SK after receiving the Green Campus award at Taman Tebet, Jakarta, Saturday (5/21/16).

Green Campus Predicate, continued Dr. Purwanto, is a form of appreciation for UMB’s efforts to protect the campus environment, as well as activeness to engage in activities that support environmental awareness outside the campus.

The effort to protect the environment, according to him, is not only about planting trees. UMB’s efforts are also directed at managing internal waste and at the same time providing education to the public on environmental management.

“Greening the campus through tree planting is indeed important, but managing waste and reducing the amount of waste is also very important,” he said.

The most prominent step this year is the effort to reduce plastic waste. This is a policy that is in line with government programs to reduce the use of plastic bags in various shopping centers.

Not only that, UMB has also prepared a number of further policies, especially in the processing of campus waste, with the target of becoming a garbage free campus.

“All UMB academicians are expected to provide full support. So that UMB can continue to be a campus that respects the environment, “he stressed. (University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau /

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